What do we do? 

HIREghana is a Human Resource Management Consulting and Recruitment/ Executive Search Firm.

HIREghana provides the full spectrum of Human Resource solutions/ services.


What Market sectors do we serve?

Although not limited to these fields, HIREghana focuses on the following sectors:

(i) Advertising, Marketing -especially Digital, and PR too – including Creatives.

(ii) Construction – we are probably the only Recruiter in Ghana for this sector

(iii) Technology (IT & Telecoms, Manufacturing, Mining, etc.)

(iv) Financial Services (Banking, Insurance, etc..) + Accounting (we partner with ACCA)

(v) Supply Chain, Logistics, Shipping, and Transport.

(vi) Health & Medical including Food Sciences

(vii) Heads/ Senior Executives in Operations and Sales / Marketing

(viii) Oil & Gas – more specific Offshore Operations

(ix) Education Management & Non-Profit Organizations.

(x) All Levels of Administration and Customer Support Executives

(xi) Board & Executive Search – we are probably the only one in Ghana doing that


In what Geographies are we active in Recruiting?

In Ghana – our home!! Yes, We are proudly Ghanaian!!!

In the whole of West Africa, Kenya, and in Europe – occasionally we do searches in the US+ Canada


What is Unique about us?

  1. Our ethics and how we treat both Clients and Candidates. We do not charge any fees to the candidates and no fake employability psychometric tests!!
  2. Our priority is to build relationships and not just fulfill recruitment assignments
  3. We pre-select the candidates for your organization via classic but active head-hunting and by utilizing our CV repository too.
  4. Our CV Repository and LinkedIn network reach 100.000+ candidates just in Ghana alone!
  5. For all senior roles. we check between 2-5 random references per past employment role; we source these random references on LinkedIn and other social media; thus we do not just blindly follow up only with the references which the candidate has provided us with.
  6. We do random and in-depth -again depending on the seniority of a given vacancy- employment verification.
  7. Every candidate will go through at least 2 pre-screening interviews before s/he is represented to you. Even though our clients receive CVs of our pre-screened candidates, the clients still have to decide whether to invite or not any candidate for an interview.
  8. We always meet face- to- face with all our candidates during this process.

Thus, we never randomly forward CVs; all these above are our Unique Selling Points and we are the only Recruiter -at least in Ghana- who does all these.


How much do we charge? 

(yes, we are that transparent – no mind games)

Depending on the seniority of the role and the complexity of the recruitment search, we charge from the standard one month’s gross salary (the majority of the jobs) to rarely (really rarely) max 1.5 times that amount.

This can go up to max 2.5 months for CxO- assignments.

In any case, our fees are communicated to you in advance and they do not change


Do we provide Discounts?

Of course, we do – depending on the number of employees that you hire from us.


Fair and Honest Invoicing.
  • Invoicing is always on the 1st day that the candidate employee commences employment.
  • Payment is due within 10 days of the issue-date of the relevant invoice.
Do we provide Candidate- replacement Guarantees?
Of course, we do: from 1 month to 1 year, depending on the seniority of the role.
We prefer that the CLIENT cannot offer this recruitment assignment and/ or tasks already assigned to HIREghana to any other internal or external recruitment entity or organization, for at least 4 weeks since it was fully given to HIRE, if and when HIRE fails to perform.
We obviously cannot afford the situation where the same assignment is given simultaneously to other recruitment companies, potentially destroying relationships with candidates, causing possible confusion, conflicts and function at loss or damaging our market reputation.


Realistic Timelines:

  • As a rule of thumb and unless otherwise has been communicated to you,  you should expect to have a list of pre-screened Candidates within 2-3 weeks, if not sooner. If you react fast, you can possibly have new employers within a few weeks
  • At that point, the sooner you could schedule interviews, the sooner you could make your selection.
  • Keep in mind that in Ghana, most senior candidates have 2+ weeks of employment- termination notice period.
  • Thus, kindly expect to have your new employees starting work -on average- within 2-3 weeks if not sooner.

Next Steps + more Benefits to you.

We view and treat every new Client as a potential partner and not as a simple source for candidate search assignments. We are interested in becoming your Strategic HR Partner and Preferred HR Supplier, thus we envision this as a long-term relationship. So, although we have our own policies and procedures, we are open to exploring ways to align these with your business processes and policies. As a small, up-and-coming recruitment agency, we have a major advantage: we are more flexible, agile, and most importantly, much quicker to react to any changes in the market or to your needs.


We are looking forward to starting a great long-term strategic partnership with your organization


We adhere to a strict ‘no cure – no pay’ policy.

Thank you.