Don’t write these on your CV

As an active recruiter ( I am the owner of HIREghana, ), my associates and I come daily through several candidates’ CVs (we have a repository of 30,000+ Ghanaian CVs). Over the years, I have also read several -unfortunately- bad books on CV writing and a lot of outdated online advice. And while there […]

Is your CV ATS-friendly?

Yesterday, I was chatting with a visiting cousin; in the middle of that chat, she applied who for a job at Microsoft in Germany. She is a very senior manager and she is a definitely fit for that role – please take my word for it; her CV is also very well- written. Within 6 […]

HIREghana’s Job Reference Etiquette

We are all aware that whenever we apply as candidates for almost any role, we might eventually be asked for a few employment references from our previous role. And even though they might not be so common for junior and entry- level roles, they are almost the rule for all professional and senior placement. And […]

10 ways to reduce Employee’s Time Waste.

10 ways to reduce Employee’s Time Waste. By Irene Gloria Addison, Owner of HIREghana   You might not want to accept it, but the reality is that employee- disinterest (lack of engagement as it is called these days), boredom, frustration and even resentment and disinterest can ‘occupy’ your employees’ minds and hold them back from […]