For a client in the trading retail business, we are looking for a


#Must have an #fmcg_background for at least 3+ years.

#Emphasis less on sales and more on your ability to manage #SalesOps: you must have managed 100-2000 people – and ideally a large force of #field #agents and #distributors.

Job aim

  • Build, own and grow the general trade channel in the Branch in collaboration with the head of channel General Trade and the branch manager. Acquire, develop and retain business relationships with GT customers within the Branch’s coverage area.

Number of staff managed

25-40 As line manager 4-5 As countersignatory 0

Finances managed

  • Accountability for collections by sales team where applicable

Duty and standards – measurable in terms of productivity, quality and quantity. Please note this list is not to be regarded as exclusive.

Sales Responsibilities(40%)

  • Sales : Develop and implement a trade coverage plan, working closely with the growth analyst. along with other related commercial activities to deliver the Branch’s number.
  • Marketing : Manage Branch specific brand engagements and initiatives.
  • Deploy the necessary infrastructure and process to deliver brand and trade programs to meet the Branch’s requirements. This will be based on market research / survey carried out jointly.

Leadership Responsibilities (20%)

  • Design and implement a tactical sales plan that expands company’s retail outlet base and ensure it’s strong presence
  • Team leadership : Manage and monitor team of Trade Supervisors effectively and efficiently.

General Responsibilities (40%)

  • Build and Maintain the Branch’s customer database through efficient consolidation of quantitative and qualitative customer data points working closely with the trade data analyst.
  • Ensure adherence to set goals and KPI’s developed for the Branch champion innovation in the development of trade programs in the Branch and track ongoing results.
  • Ensure that objectives in terms of AOC, Lines, order frequency e.t.c are always met.
  • Ensure adherence to customer trading terms (bonus, credit and discounts) for general trade customers in the Branch in alignment with the head of channel.
  • Develop a Customer retention strategy for the Branch. Increase levels of trade support and customer loyalty by ensuring there is an established close working relationship with the Trade Supervisors.
  • Work closely with the brand team to execute in- store promotions and initiatives to drive sell-in and sell- out within the Branch.
  • Monitor market execution of all initiatives in the Branch through frequent market visits.
  • Manage the productivity and cost optimization of the Hub.
  • Ensure that the Trade Supervisors, Trade Execs and Inside sales execs are well trained.


  • Minimum of a BSc degree or equivalent
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience working in a similar role in the FMCG sector
  • Committed to continuous education through workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate, present and influence credibly and effectively at all levels of the organisation
  • Proven ability to drive the sales process from plan to close
  • Strong business sense and industry expertise
  • Excellent mentoring, coaching and people management skills
  • Has an excellent analytical skill.
  • Good commercial understanding numerical skills, a high level of computer literacy
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Fully geographically mobile
  • Ability to work flexibly

Evening, weekend and unsocial hours’ work should be expected.




Target Salary is 10-12.000 cedis but can be negotiable for unusually unusual  and exceptional candidates

Benefits to be defined



As a  professional, we expect you to properly follow these instructions please:

  1. Apply only if you really qualify – must have hands-on experience managing large sales team (directly 10-20 people and indirectly 100- to 2000) and large sales ops management systems
  2. This is a very senior role for the Client, so please: Make sure that all of the above is clearly stated/reflected throughout your CV – BE CLEAR please
  3. For each job that you had, add a line in your CV indicating how many people you managed directly and indirectly.
  4. Send us your HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED 2-4 page  CV (longer CVs will be rejected since they do not reflect the ability to communicate with brief focused clear sentences)  CV in Word (so NO PDF files please)  to: CV @ HIREgh . com (remove empty spaces) with the appropriate heading: ‘Branch Manager Sales Ops – Accra’  in your email’s subject/ Title line.
  5. Ideally, use Arial font No 10 for all of your CV and Arial font No 12 and capitals for your headings please
  6. Also, please indicate when is the earlier that you can start
  7. Once again: DO NOT SEND a CV that is 4+ pages long or a CV in PDF format or as GoogleDoc –our ATS is set to ignore CVs longer than 3 pages
  8. Please: No Google Docs either – we do not have permission to open them and getting one from you is too complex


We are looking forward to receiving your CV and meeting with you this week.


Thank you,




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