#Events & #Corporate_Trainings / #Educational Sales Specialist (m/f) – #Accra or #Koforidua


Ideally you are 25-40 yrs old with #proven_work_experience in #selling training workshops to both individuals and organizations and you are ‘at home’ with #Cold_Sales.

Without these skills, please do not apply – no offense intended please.


Job brief

We are looking for someone who can sell any kind of professional training both to individual potential attendees and to corporate training buyers- so it is a combination of both a B2C and a B2B role.

Your duties include selling (of course), and occasionally scheduling and overseeing all training programs and identifying training needs.

You will eventually need to set up and train a Sales team. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring new employees receive proper training to meet their responsibilities successfully.

Our ideal candidate understands our company objectives and suggests ideas to achieve them through sales. For this position, you should combine excellent organization skills with an ability to interact with your team members and motivate them to succeed.

Ultimately, you should be able to ensure our sales team is fully educated, to perform at a high level and increase customer satisfaction.


The Educational Sales Specialist should be responsible for:

  • Cold Sales -whether calls or visits
  • Selling our training products to individuals and corporate training buyers
  • Designing quality sales approaches / plans within budget limitations
  • Work with your Scheduling colleagues to set up new training plans on a regular basis
  • Evaluating strengths and weaknesses to identify training needs
  • Oversee training material and suggest improvements
  • Choose the most appropriate training method per case (e.g. on-the-job training, seminars and simulations)
  • Design onboarding session for new hires and sales trainees.
  • Evaluate sales team performance to ensure incorporation of taught techniques
  • Report on training program effectiveness
  • Create an open-communication climate and gather team members’ preferences for potential training
  • Maintain updated curriculum database and training record
  • Stay up-to-date with employee development trends
  • Highly motivated and target driven with a proven track record in sales
  • Excellent selling, communication and negotiation skills
  • Prioritizing, time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to create and deliver presentations tailored to the audience needs
  • Relationship management skills and openness to feedback



  • We ‘run’ (sail?) a very tight ship.  So you much be highly competent
  • You much be able to start selling with results from day 1!  Not after a week or a month or a quarter.
  • You much have a Proven work experience as a corporate training Salesperson or a similar training-salesspecialist or training-sales team leader
  • Extensive knowledge of learning principles and modern training techniques
  • An ability to manage the full training cycle
  • Experience with learning management software
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Understanding of sales process, preferably with customer service experience
  • You ‘breath’ customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Strong organizational and team management skills
  • Bachelors degree in Education, Social Sciences, HR or relevant field
  • Additional certification in sales techniques or training-sales is a plus



It will be based on a small base salary and high commission- this is not a role to have you sit behind a chair occupying space and expect a paycheck a tthe end of the month. You should always be out selling

After 1 year, we offer health insurance etc

And after 2 years and depending on your performance of course, we would be happy to pay for your Master’s degree or any other professional qualification / certification that we see fit with this role’s needs.


How-to apply.

Please send you 1-2 pages CV strictly in Word (we do not accept PDF files and we will not accept 3+page CVs) to “CV at HIREgh dot com” (replace ‘at’ and ‘dot’ with the right symbols and remove the empty spaces) and type “Educational Sales” in the subject/title of your email.


Only successful applicants will be contacted for a follow up please.


Thank you + Good Luck,



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