We are looking for

a young + energetic Breakfast Category Manager/Manageress – Commercial Operations

based in Accra Industrial area…

We are looking for Category Managers/eresses for items like:

  • Evaporated Milk
  • Milo
  • Cereals & Cornflakes
  • Biscuits and cookies
  • etc….

You must have unusual commercial acumen and understand Push Sales


That said, we care more about your ability to do the job than fancy tiles, fancy companies you worked for or fancy schools..

we simply want someone who is both passionate and can do the job 0 that simple



The category manager develops the overall strategy for a product category which covers inventory planning, supplier relationship management, buying, pricing and promotion management. The role is also responsible for tracking market trends for products in the managed category.

The job holder continuously assesses the best product mix for the category catalog, builds and manages supplier relationships, identifies the best pricing schemes for products on the company’s catalog and develops relevant promotions and incentives to achieve the short and long term commercial goals of the business.

They also coordinate with the different channel teams to identify category product mix gaps, pricing issues, device strategies to sell out slow moving SKU.

They are the keepers of the promise that a retailer would find 90% of products on our platform at the best prices

Primary objectives

Demand Planning: Perform demand planning for category SKU leveraging wholesales demand plans, retail sales velocity, market data to determine ideal stock cover in days, replenishment levels, sell though rate, Min-Max levels etc

Buying: Identification and onboarding of suppliers for managed category and execution of the buying process to ensure products are available in the required quantities at the best prices to meet customer demand. This involves full oversight of the procure to pay process as well as monitoring of inbound OTIF.

Supplier Relationship Management: Building and managing a portfolio of category relevant suppliers as well as developing their capabilities or custom supply chain capabilities where required to improved supply lead time and guarantee product availability.

Pricing & Promotion Management: Determine what the company charges for all products in the catalog, considering procurement, operations and other costs to determine the price point to achieve gross profit targets, while delivering a very price competitive offering for customers. You set base prices and develop discount programs, assist in creating promotional campaigns, compare prices set by competitors and measure customer satisfaction based on the cost of the company’s product offerings across multiple categories. Pricing analysis and modelling to predict pricing behaviour and leverage supplier incentives.

Secondary objectives

Tracking Market Trends: Help the company complete market research for new products and categories. Conduct surveys, evaluate consumer trends and visit stores, trade shows and other venues to establish what rival companies are offering or what customers are requesting in order to establish the need for a specific product or SKU.

Alignment with Trade Finance to ensure effective utilisation of working capital and reduce the category’s cash conversion cycle to < 8 Days

In-depth competitor and market segmentation analysis to drive catalog focus and pricing strategy

Success Metrics: First 30 days

Develop relevant SKU list for category along with working capital budget Hire and onboard category team

Develop and Implement pricing strategy for category to enable achievement of GMV Targets

Develop strategy to eliminate stock over 20 Days from portfolio Align average stock cover for class A & B SKU’s to 10 Days Achieve maximum Sell Through KPI range of 75-85% Have > 1 OKR Win

Success Metrics: First 90 days

Achieve full SKU category coverage for retail and wholesale channels across all operating locations in Nigeria

Onboard key suppliers for category to enable the achievement of 100% Product Availability for Category

Achieve 2.5 Working Capital turns for the month

Develop and implement mechanism to monitor SKU market price trends Drive achievement of x% Trade Margin for category

Have > 6 OKR Wins

Success Metrics: First 6 months

Restructure ordering and fulfilment process with suppliers to reduce inbound OTIF to max of 4 days

Ensure 80% of category procurement is from brand directly Rollout supplier score card for all suppliers

Success Metrics: First 12 months 

Achieve 3 Working Capital turns on Category allocated working capital Run first team appraisal process



3-6000 GHS net depending on your previous hands-on experience and your value to the business

For exceptional – exceptional candidates, it can go up to 8.000 GHS net

Min experience expected must be 2 years- again hands-on


How-to Apply

(only if you qualify please) As a  professional, we expect you to properly follow these instructions please – otherwise the client will not consider your CV:

  1. Put a paragraph or two on top of your CV clearly explaining your specific hands-on Category Management experience with the ‘Breakfast- Category’ -and years of experience.
  2. Strongly suggest that your CV lists accomplishments relavant to this Job Description and not just a list of duties
  3. Send us your highly customized 2-4 page  CV (longer CVs will be rejected since they do not reflect the ability to communicate with brief focused clear sentences)  CV in Word (so NO PDF files please)  to: CV @ HIREgh . com(remove empty spaces) with the appropriate heading: ‘Breakfast Category Manager/ess – Accra’  in your email’s subject/ Title line.  Ideally, use Arial font No 10 for all of your CV and Arial No 12 + capitals for your headings
  4. Also, please indicate when is the earlier that you can start
  5. Once again: DO NOT SEND a CV that is 4+ pages long – no CV in PDF format or as GoogleDoc –our ATS is set to ignore CVs longer than 4 pages
  6. Please: No Google Docs either – we do not have permission to open them and getting one from you is too complex


We are looking forward to receiving your CV and meeting with you this week.

Thank you, 



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