Please these are the links to 3 M/F software roles at different levels of seniority- all of them with the same European company in Takoradi and Accra.

The Takoradi ‘Development Center’ has 150 developers.

The Accra ‘Development Center’ just started please


Scrum Master/Mistress – Takoradi

~3000-5000+ GHS for SCRUM MASTER /MISTRESS -Takoradi

5-8 Senior M/F Full Stack Javascript Developers/ess in Accra or Takoradi

This is an ongoing recruitment effort and every month new candidates are hired….

they are looking for 5-8 Javascript developers but they can hire a lot more…  Your choice of location please.

circa 7-10.000 GHS for 6-8 Snr JavaScript Developers -Accra or Takoradi

Head of Software Development – Takoradi

circa 15-20.000 GHS for HEAD of SOFTWARE / APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT in Takoradi


Please follow the instructions in the relevant link and apply with a customized CV.

We are looking forward to hearing and meeting you please.


Thank you + Good Luck,


|The HIREghana Team