Professional Networking Tips.

As an active recruiter (I am the owner of HIREghana –, my associates and I come daily across through several hundred of LinkedIn profiles via our candidate sourcing searches and via our very own professional networking too. What prompted me to write on this topic is reading an article this week on Deutche Welle’s […]

That Cover Letter…

As an active recruiter (I am the owner of HIREghana,, my associates and I come daily through several candidates’ CVs and (lack of) accompanying Cover Letters. Over the years, I have also read several unfortunately bad books on Cover Letters (why do you need a book to tell someone how to write a simple […]

Recruiting Scams: How-to spot them

Unfortunately, recruiting scam is a reality. Unfortunately scammers are always on the increase and fake job offerings do appear on job boards and on social media announcements. And they all have a few things in common- they pray on our need / hope / desire for employment or human greed combined with a desire for […]

How-to talk to a Headhunter – 20 Valuable Tips

Headhunter is a generic term used to describe recruiters or executive search consultants, usually people searching for senior candidates or people ‘really going after a candidate’. Some argue that a recruiter is for low lever jobs, a Headhunter for trained professionals and all Senior Management roles are handled by Executive Search firms. Whatever the case […]

New Job in 2017?

Here is a simple set of tips to help you get a new job in 2017, please. . #1 Upgrade your CV. Yes, that simple! Make sure please that your CV is relevant (to the job that you are applying for) and up-to-date. Keep its lenth if possible under 2 pages (rarely, you might be […]

20 Interview ‘No-No’s

we have frequently witnessed a lot of candidates complaining on ‘mishandling’ their job interviews. Here is a list of 20 classic ‘absolute No-No’s to avoid doing in / during an interview please. . Interview ‘No-No’s Don’t be late. If you are, call them asap to let them know that you are running late. Ideally you […]

Definite CV ‘No-No’s

my associates and I come daily through several candidates’ CVs (we have a repository of 15000+ Ghanaian CVs). Over the years, I have also read several -unfortunately- bad books on CV writing and a lot of outdated online advice. And while there is plenty of advise on what to write and the how-to, there is […]

Career Change – a few tips

My associates and I come in touch with candidates (or their CVs) looking for a career change for a whole variety of reasons, such as: Career Burnout Career Interests / Passion Changes (we do evolve after all) Been forced in Wrong Career Negative Job Outlook in your Expertise Technological Evolutions make Jobs Obsolete Change of […]

Been an Effective Team Player: How-to tips

My associates and I – we are frequently asked by both candidates and employers how one can become a Team Player and/or what are the attributes of a good Team Player. Keeping in mind that one person’s idea of a good Team Player could be some other person’s ‘nightmare’ (the why is a big discussion […]