4000- 6000+ (7000?) GHS Negotiable | PROGRAMMATIC ADs SALES +BUS DEV | Accra

SuperUNIQUE Opportunity with one of the WorldLeaders in PROGRAMMATIC Advertising.


Our Unique Client is looking for a Junior and/or Senior Ad sales & business development manager in Accra – is this you?

The Client is one of the World Leaders in programmatic advertisement – their platform reaches more than 250M+ people reached in Africa. In Ghana that growing number is close to 10M+

They also manage mobile social networks and mobile billing solutions to operators in Africa.


What are we looking?

  • Any Gender/ Any age as long as you can really deliver.
    You will be responsible for developing and growing new partnerships with mobile advertisement clients in Ghana, educating them on the value proposition of the client, listening to their needs and helping to build a better product.
  • You MUST have/ it is key that you have proven digital ad sales experience and active contacts in the market. Key responsibilities of business development role will include closing deals with largest clients, creating and presenting strategies, looking for new prospects, cold calling, participation in shows and exhibitions, organizing workshops, trainings and events.
    You will be part of an innovative mobile software company and work on a product that changes the landscape of mobile marketing in emerging countries!


Skills and experience we are looking for:

– Experience in digital ad sales

– Relationships in the market in corporate and ad agency segments

– Digital & performance marketing experience

– Ability to work independently, set and reach ambitious goals

– Great sales skills, Excellent IT skills

– Energy, ambition, curiosity are your key qualities



We offer:

  • A salary of around 4.000 -6000 or even higher (negotiable based on what can you bring to the table)
  • Standard commission rate (3% of deals closed)
  • Work in perhaps the fastest growing mobile markets in the world
  • Motivating challenges, satisfaction reaching ambitious goals
  • Work with largest digital ad clients in the country

We are a team with challenging goals. Join us and let’s reach our company and your personal goals together. Let’s talk!

Send us your CV in Word only (No PDF files please) to CV at HIREgh . com and use ‘Programmatic Jnr or Snr (whichever is applicable) Sales’ in your email’s subject line, please.

Include in your email’s body a cover letter (so no attachment) talking about:

  • a numeric indication of your ad & marketing sales achievements  during the last 3-5 years
  • your availability (what is your termination notice)
  • an indication of your current salary,

HIREghana does pre-screen random references and verifies last salaries of successful candidates (we will get your permission for all that if you were to be offered this role).


Thank you,




PS: Please by simply sharing or liking this, you might help a family member/ friend/ colleague/ Church member, to a new job with dignity.  We care for that. Tnx again, Irene.



PS2:  The key selection criteria for us is:

The person is currently selling digital advertisement and has experience in digital, knows the metrics, products, competition in the market

The person has ideally an extensive network of digital media buyers – local digital agencies, brands, digital media people and has successfully sold to them


PS3: There are 2 levels of candidates:

— Very senior candidates who are currently working in agencies and/or large online newspapers, etc. They already have teams under them and are more managers than direct sales people. As long as you still hit the ground and do active sales, we would definitely like to speak to you.

— Mid-level active candidates who are currently selling to the whole market, aggressive and hungry, but already very well aware of the market, have contacts, have a track record in selling. Ideally, they are not looking for a job, but have experienced a recent hike in their results and have started delivering well. We can recruit them by offering a more interesting job in an international organization, an opportunity to kick-start local operations and in the future take care of other markets around. These are the people we are looking for and we would definitely like to speak to you..


PS4: What would not be the right candidate:

— Account manager type candidates, who currently work in digital agencies and work with some clients. The main issue is that usually these people have a lessser sales experience and fewer contacts in the markets (since they usually work with few clients they have). Of course, there are exceptions and if you are one the exception, apply please.

— Digital marketing people in large organizations. They are used to corporate structures, could not focus well on aggressive KPIs like 10 meetings per week or 50 sales calls per week. Of course, there are exceptions and if you are one of them, apply please.


PS5:  How will we choose:

— We will look into the track record of the person, what contacts he/she has, what was the person hired to do and how did the person perform comparing to KPIs and his/her peers, etc…

— We will give a practical task for second round candidates to present some things to us, which will involve some preparation to see if they are willing enough to complete it.